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Use adapted devices

As foundation Ancora Salvării we are convinced that for active participation in society and the feeling of a meanful life adapted devices are important tools for people with a dizability.

Unfortunately is the knowlegde of their existence and acceptation of their use often to low in East-Europe. With our libraly of adapted devices (ergo-libraly) we want to change this. Persons who are interesested can try different devices at our place and together we will make a plan how the useful ones can get in their possesion. This is possible by donation (often second hand), through creating or buying them, possible also by sponsoring.

When there is a group of people in need of the ergo-libraly in another town we can travel to this location, using our  camperbus.

Beside these activities we have regularly workshops over the importance of adapted devices in improving independence.

This project is implemented with support of Kaufland Romania